Puvaneswari Paliahakara (Saravanai)
Passed away on 18th December 2015
This news makes me very very sad.

You may remember how pleased we all were when during the reunion in Kandy we caught up with her and family and were delighted to hear her life story which was one of hardship but great courage and were at a point in their life when things were stable and the children?6 of them all doing well and very happy.

She was very proud of them and talked about visiting one of her daughters in Germany and then coming over to Portugal for the next reunion but sadly that did not happen and we missed the chance to see her again.

I was quite fascinated to hear Saravanai and her husband when speaking to each other, suddenly switch from Sinhalese to Tamil and vice versa but were not even aware of the fact, for it happened very naturally, and once when he was talking to me, he did the same. I was very touched by that.

My thoughts and prayers are for him and the family and also you my dear batch mates who are grieving.

May God bless us and keep us safe.

Marie F (Dias)

We will miss Puvanes very much. Since Puvanes came here, most of us have been in touch with her.

It is sad she is gone. Let her soul rest in peace.

Thank you for arranging the wreath. How can I share the cost. Please let me know.


It is indeed a very sad news. Please convey our condolences to the family.

Tilak and Mihirini de Alwis

It is quite fitting that the passing away of one of our
batch-mates, Puvaneswary, has created such a spontaneous
emotional reaction from all of us. It was a very sad and
shocking news. We will always remember her.

Mike Sarves

Yes it very sad to see one of our batch mate go to a better place, but at our age it is not good for us to be very sad about it. All of us have taken and booked a ticket but only the flight is not confirmed.

It is better to celebrate the life and times of our friend and recall and rejoice the good times we had and pray that they have gone to a better place and they will reserve a good place for us, when we reach there eventually.
Let us be positive.


Very sad to hear this news, loss of a batchmate from the Peradeniya period in our lives, loss to her family. Our sincere condolences.

Lakshman and Sheila .

Very sad news. She will be terribly missed by us and our sincere condolences to her family grieving the immeasurable loss they suffered.

Gamage & Hema

Many of us have expressed our sadness and shock on the untimely and sudden death of our dear friend Puvaneswari

She was a fine and graceful lady who had achieved great things in her life even without leaving Sri Lanka. Whilst Dr Palliakara is no more with us, I strongly feel that in collaboration with her family, we should organise an event in remembrance of Puvanes and celebrate her achievements. If you agree with my sentiments, then you share my thoughts with the others and seek their views


Deeply grieved to learn the sudden death of my quite medical school neighbor. It melt my heart and wet my eyes. This unfortunate event brought back old pre-clinical nostalgic memories.

It is in dying that we are born to eternal life. May the Devine master grant her the eternal peace.

My sincere conlolences to her family and friends.


The sudden unexpected departure of Saravanai has evoked a cascade of beautiful tributes which fits her lovely nature . She was always full of life and laughter . Memories of our time at lower quarters Kandy is still fresh in my mind . My deepest sympathy to her family who have to cope with this terrible loss .May her soul rest in peace .

Marie (Vendargon)

Thank you for sharing this sad news with us. The loss of a colleague from school days is particularly sad and poignant. It reminds us of the times we touched each others lives in various ways and then went down our individual lives paths

With deepest sympathies to her family and those near and dear to her.

Nimal & Manel (Menon)

Unbelievable sad news. Last time when I met her she was very bubbly and was delighted with the progress of her many children. Memories flooding back and she is no more. May the almighty give her family, the strength and courage to go through this difficult period. May her Soul rest in peace.

Royce Arasaratnam

I remember Puvenes as an elegant lady. She leaves a memory of fun and love. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Shanthi Thomas

So sad. She was a shining star at our last get together. We'll miss her very much. My deepest sympathies to her husband & family.
May she rest in peace.


Sorry to hear about the sad news. Our heartfelt condolences to the family. May her soul rest in peace.

Sri Thana (Thanabaalasingam)

Very sad to learn about this news. Kindly convey our condolences to Mr Paliga & family.
We met this beautiful bridging bond in Kandy during our get together in Srilanka !

Sivabalan & wife, Melbourne

Extremely sorry to learn the sudden sad loss of Saravanai. It was not long before ,I was thinking of the days when she used to sing at our student days' functions! Had sometime shared with the lovely soul at Hilda Hall.
Our prayers are with her soul and family members to have the strength to go through the loss and may there be solace.

Heartfelt deepest sympathies to the family,

Tharmie .

This day today is a hard one for us all. It is so much easier to mourn in silence; it takes away the worry of not being able to get your words out, or even just simply getting the right words out. But silence or not, one thing which I am sure we all appreciate today, is being able to share each others thoughts of Puvanes , who we all loved, as a friend.
Thanga (Thangadurai)

This is an unexpected and terribly sad news. I have very fond memories of Saravanai and the time we shared together in Peradeniya. My condolences go out to all of her family and friends.

Malavi (Vancouver)

I am deeply saddened to hear of the loss of our batch mate Saravanai. Words are not enough to express my sorrow at this moment. I was fortunate to meet her two years ago at our Peradeniya reunion function. May the prayers of all people who love you bring solace to your Athma (soul). My condolences to her family and loved ones.

Thanga (Thangarajah)

Puvanes will be terribly missed and was loved by all of us. She will be cherished in our memories for ever. Our deepest condolences to her family and we pray that God will grant them the strength needed to get through this difficult time.

Ranjini & Ragavan

My sympathy of Dr. P. Saravanai passing on, please forward my condolences to the family I appreciate, May her soul rest in Peace in Jesus name.

Nagendra Cgaravanapavan

Very sad to hear about the sudden loss of Puvanes. Let us pray to the almighty for the soul to rest in peace.

The passing away of Puvaneswari (Saravania) was a shocking news for all her batchmates and this news has brought up a very deep emotional response from all her friends. Some of the messages of grief that was sent to us by our batchmates are given below: