The 50th Year
Grand Reunion 2016
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2nd - 4th September 2016
Bailbrook House Hotel Bath, England

Yes, we are approaching 50 years since we arrived at the beautiful Peradeniya campus, excited about what was unfolding in front of us that was going to change our life for ever. We were nervous and bewildered about the strange place we came to, out of our homes for the first time for a lot of us and above all the ‘honourable seniors’ who were hovering over us. We survived all this and had the most enjoyable time in our life over the next five years.

We were together during our crucial part of our life when we became independent, learnt a lot about our personal and professional life, became doctors with all the responsibilities and hard work ahead of us and above all we were becoming men and women of the world. We also had fun with the body feed, block night, the cricket match with the seniors, Medicine Ball and all the entertainment we could access in Kandy.

The bond that we formed during these crucial five years was something so unique and strong, we went on to maintain our friendship, the comradery and the togetherness over the last 50 years. We have incorporated our families and our children and recently their children in our friendships and have witnessed many weddings and other social functions of others. Sadly, we also witnessed the demise of some of us with enormous grief and a sense of loss.

The 50th year Reunion would be a fitting time for us to meet and remember the good time we had in the cherished medical school of ours and the ups and down we had experienced in our later life. Most importantly it is a time for us to appreciate the togetherness of the bunch of boys and girls who came together 50 years ago and became friends with the unbreakable bond that keeps us together as the Peradeniya66 group.
The 1966 - 1971 Batch of the Peradeniya Medical School, Sri Lanka
50 Years of Togetherness
Welcome to the website of the1966 - 1971 batch of the Peradeniya Medical Scchool, Sri Lanka. The boys and girls who joined this relatively new medical school 50 years ago have now been dispersed all over the world and have established themselves in their own chosen specialities. Many of them in the recent past have taken their well earned retirement and a few of us have unfortunately passed away.

This website is aimed at giving a focal point far all the batchmates to keep in touch, share the memories of of our past and to ensure that the strong bond that we have formed in our excting five years in the medical school is kept alive for ever.

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Mike Isweran with any suggestions, comments and information that you wish to be posted on the website.

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